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kenneth_peters_masterNorthern California Headache Clinic is a multidisciplinary, integrative, medical facility for the treatment of migraine, tension, cluster and other headache and head injury problems. We are dedicated to providing effective, personalized, lifetime headache prevention and control. Since 1980, Kenneth Peters, M.D. has worked in providing effective treatment to thousands of headache patients. Located in Mountain View, California, the clinic is 10 miles north of San Jose airport and 30 miles south of San Francisco airport.

The goals of the clinic are:

To decrease headache pain and improve quality of life through an individually tailored, effective treatment program designed to give you control of your headaches. Teach lifetime headache prevention and pain control strategies.

Initial evaluations include:

A comprehensive history, physical examination, and review of medical records. Dr. Peters will order any needed diagnostic tests and begin a treatment program which may include preventive and headache relief medications.

Followup treatments:

Dr. Peters will monitor your treatment progress with the aid of the headache diary and adjust your treatment medications, coordinate treatment care with other health professionals and work with you to establish an optimal preventive and headache stopping medication program based upon your treatment response.


Contact Us:

If you would like additional information on our comprehensive programs or would like to schedule an appointment, please call


9:30 A.M. – 5:00 PM, PST, Monday through Thursday.

Or write to:

Northern California Headache Clinic, 515 South Drive #15, Mountain View, Ca 94040